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Ever thought about hacking someone’s computer? Well, I guess the better question is, how many times have you without notice entered someone’s personal property? It’s not a good thing to do, I know, but isn’t breaking the rules always part of the YOLO principle? You can’t just die having lived with the rules all your life. Just make sure though that whatever it is you’re going to do, it won’t have any deadly repercussions. On that note, you need prior training and that would include gaining access to the hottest porn sites in the global virtual village called KarupsPC.


KarupsPC is someone you will really love, someone you will be thankful for your entire life. You know why? It’s because he is the very person who brings joy to the world for you when things are getting lame on your sex life. Basically, he does that by showcasing you his collection of private videos, ones that are considerably esoteric, seemingly unfound but have always been there for the keen eyes to see. In short, the people who are to see the videos are privileged making you one of the luckiest guys you could ever think of. This is not even an exaggeration to the awesome content the site offers. Everyday, you will have something new to expect, but you won’t have to bother if that end is met knowing for a fact that as you join the members, you get to enjoy access to several thousand videos, to begin with.

Currently, there are 5,000 plus videos in the secret collection of Karup in his PC. All these videos are in great quality giving you the perfect rendition you have always been longing for. Each video is good for at least 10 minutes. The models are super hot and seemingly with unprecedented beauties. Also, you can download as many videos as you want, which is the greatest perk of being a member of the site. To top it all off, there are updates everyday, which makes your source of prurient fun more exciting.

Considering all the videos you get to enjoy, diverse and unadulterated like never before, I would say KarupsPC is worth more than what you pay it for. If there’s an only porn site you need to know, that would be this. Enjoy!

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Some things seem too vague right from the surface. Sometimes, they’re way to vague that they get to pique your interest and curiosity, because you know, we always need verification and satisfaction. Our longings need be fulfilled, to say the least. A good example to this would be a porn site that caught me off guard and I couldn’t ever be more grateful about it. Man, surprises, surprises, the world and the universe will always work in your favor. This one’s the bomb and it’s called ALS Scan. Read on!


Now that you know the title, all I can tell you is I know, right? You’re now asking questions like how the hell does ALS relate to being a porn site? What relevance has it? Is it a porn site for people with that Lou Gehrig’s Disease thingy, which would be the most ridiculous but understandable question when you’re new to this site. To end your inquisitions, it stands for All Ladies Shaved. The scan part? Well, what have you to do? Scan the whole thing, right? Now that finally makes sense and by getting the gist of this awesome site, you should start preparing for the amazing ride filled with imaginations, masturbations and ejaculations.

The site is a compilation of the best videos of the niche it claims. Of course it has its original contents, but we’re always to expand our scope, right? The site also has the credentials and permission to use the content it shows and that’s why you have to pay for it. So, what exactly can you expect from ALSScan? Here are a few major items:

-There are recently 1,900 plus videos for you to tap and play.
-There are thousands of photo sets that will go together with the scenes of the vids.
-1080p quality that works like vitamins to your eyes altogether with the wonderfully shaved booties.
-Categories that can make the whole search thing much easier for you.

Just simply click on your most favored model or models and you can gain access to all of the videos they have.

With all that being said, there’s no doubting the quality experience you can enjoy from ALS Scan. Time to treat yourself this Christmas with one of the most promising porn sources on the planet. It’s only $14.99 a month making it more awesome. Enjoy!

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For the site called Femjoy you are about to be transported to a world where beautiful females rule! There are many of us who know for sure that there is nothing more impressive and seductive as a beautiful woman. Many more would simply like to gaze at these fine females and worship the gals amazingly stunning physical attributes.


This site is a platform for all who want the pure form of the female bodies in nude artsy erotica action. It is paying reverence to the female body and all the hidden and not hidden pleasures that it can provide. Sounds interesting right? Well join us and find out more!

The incredible material inside comes in the form of videos and pics. You don’t get personal contact info that will help you track down the gals inside but you can watch them inside this quality site. You will be able to view the list of models and material that they have once inside. They have thumbnails that they provide when you are thirsty and need some divine female to give you some erotica passion juice! It is easy to surf the site and the material since they have a laid-back presentation and design that works for them.

We liked the sorting options. FemJoy has search features for looking for material according to things like model, date added, and there is the model section also. All the navigational annoyances you deal with on lesser professional sites are not present inside this one. We know what you are craving for, the actual erotica pics and videos! They have inside their galleries some 537+ videos. They also have 3606+ pic galleries. Clearly, they are fond of pics. Every week that passes comes with 1 movie addition and as many as 16 picture gallery additions. They do indeed have many high res galleries and HD file formats inside their site.

You will find mp4, m4v, flv, wmv, file formats for videos and older material inside is standard quality not HD. The production and filming elements of the material presented are studio quality, the best quality, and also highly engaging. Most fall under female solo nude art, with lots of quality bringing you extremely lurid passions. The beautiful gals do engage in lesbian affairs, but seductive art is the focus of everything that these guys make. There is nothing hardcore that stands out from this site trust us!

Femjoy is a great standalone site, with no bonus action, but plenty of material, incredible looking females, and a professional way about them. They also add new action often. Recommending that you look into these guys is easy because they make it easy and fun inside their site. Check them out!

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Fame Digital is showing you that anything hardcore and pornstar-related in porn is possible, and that you can find it inside their galleries. They have a network that has slowly transformed itself into a hardcore force worthy of serious consideration in the porn world. The various sites inside also diversify their porn making prowess into other genres. You will find many amateurs, babes, anal, squirting ladies, freaky milfs, grannies, lesbians, hardcore fornication in all its different debauched niches, and all in very high quality productions! It’s easy to see why they hold top spot among the best porn producers in the game. A simple membership pass is all you need and you will have all that they posses!


The mega sites and networks that we do not have a problem with are the ones like this one. Why? They just do everything right! The presentation is good and the navigation usable and functional. From the homepage, you can see the updates. If you need to begin surfing a particular site inside, you simply choose and click! The network brings to your doorstep some 40 sites. You will have a multitude of choices regarding the type of hardcore niche that you want to start with. Sorting the material is easy. You have things like model index, highest rated, most watched, newest, tags for sorting, and other tools for splitting the material in half and finding what you desire.

We easily found all our porn favorite performers and we dint even break a sweat! There are over 4000 DVD movies they have made making their videos gallery robust with 18026+ videos of hardcore pleasure. You get formats like flv, wmv, mp4, to help in streaming or downloading of the videos. The new babies are crazy good, and crazy clear! They come in HD formats that will make our dick pulsate! You have rating power, and basic search engine features inside. You also get 6371+ picture galleries you have to plough through. The galleries are easily downloaded using the ZIP file that you will find nicely placed inside.

A nice percentage of the sites inside are still updating. That helps the network offer daily updates. Some are dormant and older material falls in quality. Even with these slight issues, you are still being offer a massive amount of pornstars and hardcore that is filmed in very good studio standards. You are still getting value for your membership.

Fame Digital invites everyone to come and see all that they have. If you want the gals, the stars, the sex, the professionalism and filming quality, the hardcore, and the amount of material to truly keep you busy, this network can provide all this and much more. Check them out!

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College Rules and grown adults drooling like zombies seems just about right! This is one porn site that lovers of the coed niche will completely go nuts for. There is so much we have to cover here and we don’t want to mess it up or leave anything out in our analysis of this site. First thing is that this site is coed themed from top to bottom. You know what that means, right? Sexy bodies of young tight coeds, and sexual games! More glorious sex on top of more nudity and boobs and asses…it’s enough to make your brain start boiling with all the passion you are about to witness!


The thing about college is that sexy coeds are always surrounded by horny dudes and more sexy coeds. It’s like they attract each other. Another thing is that college offers these young gals lots of freedom. What they do with this freedom is to choose to suck, fuck, shake, orgasm, eat cum, have sex, and engage in sexual mischief, which is all fine by us and those who love watching coed porn. With the young, sex becomes something that they do to experiment and discover. With the old, it’s more straight to the point. That is why there is more excitement when young people are fucking and that is why this site is simply so entertaining.

You will see more than 90 videos inside this site. The site wants its members to stream the material that they have. They have also implemented a downloading option. These are both things that members can live with. To smooth things further for their members the site offers them HD videos in super sexy resolution. From the kind of sexual action we saw inside, it’s clear that any doubts about college sex niche being nasty, explicit, or even high quality is definitely off the mark! But you may ask why do they do it? We will tell you, so that they can have a shot at 5000-dollar prize. We think it’s also because they are horny, there is peer pressure, they are horny and want to get fucked! But that is just our opinion.

There are some 89-plus picture sets inside. The pictures show you that the coeds have an extravaganza of sex games and also you get to study how beautiful all the students inside this site are. Books and studies might be done at a later time, but for right now, while you are right there in front of the screen unzipping your pants, the students, studs, and coeds inside this site are fully focused on making somebody cum!

The site College Rules looks worthy of serious consideration. If you want hardcore coed niche, fun, sex, and games, there is no better place we can think of. They have a user-friendly site with material to keep you hard and happy. Check them out!

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Hegre Art with more than 577 movies and more than 3762 galleries of images is starting us off at a nice steady pace! It’s thrilling to come across a site like this one. Why? Because they offer years of material, 6 to be exact, and they are all quality all the time. You will have a mighty collection of pictures and videos. You will have stunning babes engaged in solo acts of pleasure not to mention the gal-gal action that will blow the freaking roof off your head! Now, let’s take it down a notch and see what other goodies are nestled inside this site.


There is a lot of erotic thing that are happening inside this site. But the beauty of it is that there is more to this site than simply the material that they have. Let’s look at Petter’s genius creation. One thing you have to recognize is that this dude is an artist. He has been working in the softcore nude photography erotic business for a very long time. That is why he has some of the best pics we have ever seen. The graphic color, the background technique, the angles, and lighting all pile up inside the pictures creating stunning works. The composition of the pictures could really not be done any better (even by Picasso we dare say!) When you ease yourself into the site, you will see a section there that is labeled -travel reports-. This is one marvelous place where you and Petter can travel together to the exotic places that he has visited.

When you are with Petter, you will be travelling to extremely beautiful places all in the hunt for the most exotic babes the planet has to offer. You will be able to talk to other members and interact on this site. This keeps you occupied until you decide it’s time to dive into the video and picture galleries waiting for you. The movies come in different formats. That is good so that each member can use what they are comfortable with. You can stream or download. The models look very relaxed and sensual inside, joking and making the rest of us have hard dicks. Clearly, Petter is deeply involved in everything that comes out, including directing models on the best poses, involved in the filming and picture shoots. It’s a more hands on approach that Petter is doing with this site.

You are in for something different when the words – Hegre Art – pops out of the Google search you just did! You are in for an experience, an erotic slide that just keeps getting better with every dip and turn. This site is fascinating to all who like softcore, babes, high end filming. Its art plus porn, plus a very friendly membership fee! We definitely think you should check them out!

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21Sextreme is massive, sprawling, extensive, and some of the most extreme collection of sites we have had the good pleasure of thumbing through and being entertained by! There is the site and then there is the network. As the network, you will have 17 sites that will make you dizzy with the kind of material that they offer.

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A sneak peek inside showed us that we could have domination, granny, teen, shemales, squirting, insertions, gaping, fisting, peeing, and other wild extreme niches. It is definitely the evil twin and everything inside is nasty and extreme and hardcore and just the way you like it!

When they were creating this mega site, they wanted something that was bigger than life and they are close to reaching that goal. The current number of videos and pics that you can collectively gather from the sites inside this network are over 2000 models, over 5000 scenes and over 3600 picture sets. And with such a massive amount of sites inside, you know that the updating schedule for the network is going to be on a daily schedule. That is the case, and in fact, the network has multiple additions done every day. No getting bored with stale galleries inside this network for sure!

Here are some of the 21Sextreme sites you get: Lusty Grandmas, Zoliboy, Teach Me Fisting, Tranny Smuts, Dominated Girls, Mighty Mistress, Cumming Matures, Grandpas Fucks Teens, Mandy Is Kinky, Old Young Lesbian Love, and many more. We told you these guys touch on the more extreme porn niches as you can see from the site names! The pool of talent you will find inside includes European and American gals. Each comes with their strong qualities that help to push the envelope when they are making all this extreme hardcore porn action.

Technically, there is nothing wrong that will make you hate this network. They have 1080p HD videos, formats including mobile ones. You can stream and download. Zip file for pictures. You get full length and clip versions for the videos. The producers do their level best to ensure you have movies that are wild, but edited by professionals. In other words, the production is studio grade quality. There is something extra that they throw into the bag to make the membership deal they offer heavier and more enticing. With membership, you receive 19 bonus sites. These sites offer you more porn, hardcore, mostly mainstream variety. You get webcams, navigational tools, and more value from this network than many others we have visited, trust us!

21Sextreme is not for those who get all weird when they start seeing anal fisting scenes that go a bit too far! This is the network for true extreme hardcore fans. The fact that they maintain this level of quality and professionalism just makes us so happy! Check them out!

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GF Revenge offers all who have been thinking about ex gal friends, and revenge, a chance to watch that revenge happen! The site offers themed material. The theme is of course revenge. The men have been badly hurt, dumped even! The men have explicit videos and pics of their ex gal-friends sucking and fucking and exposing themselves on camera.


The men post these images and videos on this site and you get to access all this material. The men get their revenge, the site gets material, you get to cum while watching the revenge porn! Everybody wins, yeah, except the ex gal friends!

Once the pesky, and yet very affordable membership fee has been paid, nothing stands between you and the amazing revenge action inside this site. You will be greeted by a simple design with simple color scheme but not simple material (that is, material that’s not entertaining!) The site presentation is not something revolutionary or very individualistic, but hey, it still gets the job done. Like we explained to you earlier, this site solely lives on the submission that members make. They have some 312 episodes inside and 312 picture galleries. They have been updating so the numbers inside might be a bit higher (at least we hope). The site also doesn’t like giving out honest time lines so that we can establish beyond any doubt the updating schedule that they keep!

On to the material because that is what we all came to this site to see! You will not see the low quality amateur kind of filming that you may expect from user submitted material. The quality of the filming and production, although not the most impressive quality, was not bad at all. You will also have to deal with the only streaming policy that this site uses. The clarity of the filming makes sure you see the ex girlfriends sucking and exposing their breasts in good detail.
The ex girlfriends are very hot gals and they do various sexual things from oral to anal penetrations. The level of enjoyment is not something that you will lack inside this site. Most of the clips are 4 minutes. The site has navigational tools. The layout is simplistic and you get to look at the images using the slide show feature. The amateur reality ex girlfriend teen erotica action taking place inside is solid!

GF Revenge is hot. It has amateurs, it has reality revenge porn. You get to stream only (we would like some download options please guys!) and you get to watch the girlfriends do things so foul, so sexy, so entertaining! They have soft and hardcore action! If all these things are things you think you cannot live without, we recommend you make your way to this site and get your membership pass pronto! Phew, that’s all we are saying about these guys!

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MET Art first came out in 1999 and they made sure that everybody knew what they were about. They remained completely entrenched in the nude, teen, erotica, photography, genre, and they build their towering archives on this solid foundation. What were the results? What else, they have now morphed into a giant provider of the best erotica featuring amazing looking young teen and adults. These guys have been reviewed and critiqued by many. They have always managed to come out of these reviews with tons of praises from every angle. We are looking at them today so join us!

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What is the action like inside this site? Well, exclusive, and completely erotic. They have worked with many acclaimed photographers when it comes to producing material. The ladies that they work with are not shy about showing you young tight bodies, flawless skin, and they are so good at teasing the daylights out of you! Everything always remains in artistic form and softcore. You will see solo and gal-gal action but with seduction and art always being the key thing! You really should be expecting like bewildering numbers when it comes to the amount of material that they have to offer you. The galleries are massive as they have over 2900 models, over 1,400,000 pictures, over 1100 scenes. You can tell that the pictures are the driving force behind this site (with their 15000 picture galleries).

They are not one of those erotic porn sites that produce a whole lot of common and low quality material. The skill and sharpness of the production of the pics and movies inside this site will really make you stop whatever you are doing, and just take a minute to soak it all in. They just don’t make excellent material, they go to really exotic places to make this material. The scenic outdoor scenes are mostly in Europe. You will have a lot of 1080p HD and high res beauty inside this site.
You will have different sizes that you can use to download the pictures using the zip file. You will have daily updates with multiple picture galleries added daily. The pace with which they are producing is shocking, but a very good sign also!

They have information about the models and movies. You will find bios, and other related information. You will be able to crisscross this erotica land of wonder without many problems. The model index will give you what you need, wildly beautiful models. You will have various selecting options, search tools, categories, and so on. They give you all this so that you have no reason to complain, get bored, or ever want to leave their site. So what if the site has older material and this older action isn’t HD or high res…that’s just a very minor con in a sea full of naked glorious young erotica material.

We could not find any major bad things that you should be looking out for when it comes to MET Art. What we found are professionals with years of experience and lots of erotica softcore teen material. If you love this kind of genre, joining this site is what we recommend!

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Evil Angel is an AVN award winner, an old hand at producing porn, a master of hardcore production, and a huge hoarder of sexy pornstars and super nasty hardcore niches! They multi task all these functions rather well, and have been doing so for a number of years. These guys revamped their look recently and introduced a new members area and that is one of the reasons we are checking them out today.

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The content that they make sticks firmly in the roots of hardcore niches like anal, threesomes, orgies, hardcore, cumshots, and other mainstream genres. They sometimes branch out into more erotic fields like tranny action, but the major bulk of their material stays true to the course of high quality typical hardcore. Be sure to use our new Evil Angel promo codes when you do sign up!

The kind of action you will see inside is not the most unique or crazy sex scenes that will leave you with a bitter taste and a look of perplexity on your face! They just do normal hardcore in good viewing quality and they offer you massive amounts of it. When we checked, they had something like 1600+ full DVD movies, which contributed to the video gallery offering members some 10000+ scenes and 4900+ picture sets. This mammoth amount of porn is going to take you the better part of several months to watch it all.

The action that they have been producing lately with their 3000+ pornstars and models inside is very high quality stuff. We saw many videos that would pass the litmus test of full HD since they were in 1080p HD resolution. The older action inside is not so bad that you will not want to watch, but it’s not HD. They look firmly rooted in producing only in HD nowadays so that’s some good news! These guys will hit you with multiple updates during the week. They did 40 scenes and 20 pics sets over the last week. That is just so much material for you to look at, play with, and have lots of fun!

The naughty site has navigational features like model search features allowing you to see the gals you want all the time. There is the category search to help you find the genre your groin wants. They have other additions that let you move around with relative ease. The action that these guys produce does end up on DVD so it’s not very exclusive material. But, the high-end quality they approach their profession is going to leave you with hardcore smut movies that will make you hard! Some people will want them to add more features and to make the searching easier since they have so much material. This is not a bad idea, but it’s not something that should worry you too much.

It is completely possible to totally lose yourself and find all your delicious hardcore porno cravings inside Evil Angel. They have lots of pros and very few cons. They have high quality action at a price that just seems so ridiculously low. You should check them out, no doubt!